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About Clean URL Slug Generator

What is URL Slug?

An URL slug is actually the end part of an URL. 

For example, https://www.innateblogger.com/p/clean-url-slug-generator.html
Here, the clean-url-slug-generator is the URL slug.

Why is URL Slug important?

URL Slug is very important for web pages, especially from the keyword SEO perspective. Having the targeted keyword in slug can help Google to identify what the page is about, as a result, your webpage can be shown in SERP pages.

You can learn more about URL slug from Here.

How is Slug connected with the Image title?

Those who have an idea about a website's SEO knows that doing good image SEO also helps the overall SEO of the web page.

And to do good image SEO, you should rename your image in URL slug format before uploading the image. This is a good practice and you should do it for all your images.

What is the Clean URL slug generator?

Clean URL Slug Generator is a smart, fast, and easy to use Online tool, built to generate search engine friendly and user friendly URL slugs.

Yes, you can obviously type the Slug yourself. But with this tool, you can just create the slug from the title sentence and copy-paste it. It just saves a little time.

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