How to Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics

Step by step guide to Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics. This is the simplest Blogger website integration method with Google Analytics.

Do you want to install Google Analytics on Blogger or connect the blogger website with Google Analytics? This post will show you how you can connect Google Analytics with your website in Blogger.

How to integrate Blogger website with Google Analytics (Step by Step Guide)

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google, it is a web-analytic software that helps you to know more about your audience from the traffic statistics of your website.

There are many tutorials available about how to install Google Analytics on WordPress, but I can't find a well-described tutorial for Blogger anywhere. Most of the tutorials or articles are for the old Blogger dashboard using the Analytics property ID, which might get confusing.

So, in this article, I will show you the step-by-step method to connect Google Analytics with your Blogger website.

First, I will discuss the importance of Google Analytics and how you can grow your audience with the help of Google Analytics. Then, I will show the method to add Google Analytics to the Blogger websites.

And finally explain, how you can view the detailed traffic statistics of your websites on Google Analytics. Ready, let's get started.

Importance of Google Analytics

After starting a blog or website, your no 1 target is to get more traffic. But, you can't do that unless you write about topics that people want to read. Google Analytics shows you the important data of your website visitors and helps you to understand the important details like:

Importance of Google Analytics

Audience Details

Google Analytics gives detailed statistics of the visitors to your website. It lets you know the location of your audience or which browsers are they using. It also shows you information like Flash support, Language, Screen resolution, and more.

These data can be extremely useful and can help you improve your blog's user experience, if most of the users are not flash compatible, then you should replace the flash elements from your website. It will help the user to get the best from your website.

User Behaviour

With the help of Google Analytics, now you can check the behavior of a user on your website like how much they stay on your webpage, or what are the most popular posts.

You can also check which posts are not doing well and improve them as well. This will eventually help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

User Interaction

You can also check the user interaction with your webpage. You can check which links or images are getting more clicks and improve them as well. You can also find the posts that have the least amount of engagement and then improve the content in the posts.

Traffic Details

Google Analytics shows you the traffic sources for your website. It shows you the percentage of traffic you are getting from different sources.

For example, it will break down how much traffic you get from sources like Search engines, Social Media traffic, and direct traffic from other website referral links. It will also show you which search engine sends you the most traffic.

For social media traffic, you will know which Social media is working best for driving traffic and work on them more.

Knowing traffic details will definitely help you to understand what methods work and what don't work.

Sign Up to Google Analytics

Now that you know about the importance of Google Analytics, it's time to sign up for it. Like I said before Google Analytics is completely free and the signup process is also quite simple. All you need is just a Google account and then you just have to follow these steps.

Sign in to your Google Account

Sign to the google account you want to use for Google Analytics. You can also use the google account that you used to create your blogger account.

Open Google Analytics Website

Once you signed in to your Google account, visit the Google Analytics Website. You will see a page like this.

How to open Google Analytics account and Connect it with Blogger

Next, you have to click on the "Start measuring" button.

Set up Google Analytics account

Next, you need to set up your Google Analytics account. You have to enter the account name first, this name will be used internally so you can use your own name or your business name.

How to Set up Google Analytics account for first time

On the next page, you have to do the property setup. Enter the property name, and select the time zone and currency for your account. For the property name, you can simply write your website name.

How to add property name in Google Analytics

On the next page, you need to add the business information. You can set it up according to your Blog niche, and click on the "create" button.

How to add business information on Google Analytics

Next, you have to accept the terms and conditions of Google Analytics. Read the terms and then click on Agree.

Google Analytics Terms

After accepting the policy. you can finally see the dashboard of Google Analytics. The first thing you will be asked is to choose a platform. Choose the "Web" option. 

Enter your blogger website URL and name there, and click on Create Stream.

Add Blogger Website URL on Google Analytics

Now you will see the webstream details. With this Google Analytics setup is complete, the next step is to connect it with your website hosted on Blogger.

Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics

After you created a web stream with your website URL on Google Analytics, follow these steps to connect your Blogger Website with Google Analytics.

Copy Global Site Tag Script

On Google Analytics, in the Webstream details, if you scroll down a little, you will see find the option "Global Site Tag". Click on it and then copy the complete HTML code from there.

Global Site Tag HTML Code

Paste Global Site Tag Script in Blogger Theme

Now open your Blogger dashboard and go to the theme section. Now follow these steps:

  • Click on "Edit HTML" and visit the templates HTML code.
  • Press CTRL+F and search for the <head>  tag.
  • Paste the Global site tag HTML code that you copied from your Google Analytics dashboard, just below the <head> tag.
  • Save the template.

That's it, once you save the template, your blogger website gets connected with Google Analytics. You can also verify it by checking real-time visitors on your website.


Google Analytics can be very useful in your Blogging journey, you should definitely integrate it with your websites. In the above post, I described how you can connect any blogger website with Google Analytics step by step. 

If we summarize the post then, these are the main steps to connect your website with Google Analytics.

  • Create Google Analytics Account.
  • Create a Webstream with your website URL.
  • Copy the Global Site Tag HTML Script.
  • Paste the HTML script in the Blogger template.
  • Save the template.
Hope this clears all your doubts about connecting your website with Google Analytics. If you still have any confusion, feel free to comment.

I like to read and learn new things on different topics, and then share them in my Blog.


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