Popular Methods of IP Address Tracking [Infographic]

Discover the different ways to track IP addresses, such as geolocation, traceroute, and reverse DNS lookup, with this infographic.
Popular Methods of IP Address Tracking [Infographic]

 Have you ever wondered how to find out the location of a device or a website on the internet? If so, you might be interested in learning how to trace an IP address

IP stands for internet protocol, and an IP address is a unique identifier that every device or website has on the internet. By tracing an IP address, you can get information such as the source address, the destination address, the country, the city, and even the longitude and latitude of the location.

There are different methods of IP address tracking, depending on what kind of information you want to get and what tools you have access to. To give you a quick guide, we have made an infographic about all the popular methods used for IP address tracking.

IP Address Tracking: Popular Methods that are used [Infographic]
methods-of-ip-address-tracking.png 261kb

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