How to get faster Google Adsense Approval on New Websites

How to get faster Google AdSense approval on your new Bog. Just follow these sectret tricks and tips for AdSense Approval and then apply.

Today I will show you how you can get AdSense approval on your new website or a blog without getting rejected. These secret Google AdSense approval tricks helped me get AdSense approval on many websites, even on the rejected websites.

Secret Tips to get faster Google AdSense Approval on New Websites

As a beginner blogger, your first choice to monetize your websites should be AdSense, it is proven that you can earn a good amount of money by only placing AdSense ads on your blogs or websites. Many bloggers' monthly income depends on the revenue from Google AdSense.

So, without a doubt AdSense can be a pretty good start for your blogging career. But, getting Google AdSense for the first time can be tricky, or maybe it just seems tricky. Because most of the newbie blogger gets rejected by AdSense and loses interest in Blogging

So, I decided to show you how you can easily get AdSense approval on your new blogs or websites faster without getting rejected. Just follow every thing I have written below.

Tips to Follow before applying to Google AdSense

Many newbie bloggers apply for Google AdSense, just after creating a website and get rejected which is only natural. Cause getting AdSense approval is a complete process in itself, so you need to consider some steps before applying for AdSense.

You will find many blogs or Youtube videos saying, do this to get approved within 1 day or 1 week, but many of them are not giving you the complete information, that's why people who blindly follow the wrong video get rejected over and over.

But, don't worry I will share all the information that you need to get approved by Google AdSense. You just have to follow these steps before applying.

Create Unique Content

The first and the most important point in any AdSense approval guide will always be about creating unique and high-quality content. And that's what bloggers should do.

It is crucial to understand that content is the king. The visitor of your blog visits your blog post to read the article or to see the content that it provides, not to see the ADS. So, your website must have original content.

If you simply copy and paste content from other websites, then your content will be categorized as plagiarised content (even if you use tools like article spinner) and you will not get approval. 

So, what you can do is read the articles that are available on the internet for the topic you want to write about, get all the available knowledge, and then write it in your own style. Also, add the points that are missing or not explained in other articles. It also adds extra value to your articles.

It will help you to create original quality content and will help you to get fast approval.

Publish Lengthy Articles

While writing unique articles or blog posts, you must consider the length of your article. Just like I said before, you must add extra value to your articles, and for that to happen you have to cover more details than others.

If you write some short articles and apply for AdSense, then there's a possibility that your application will get rejected due to insufficient content. This happens to many new bloggers, so think about it before applying.

In my opinion, your blog posts should contain at least 750+ words, the more the better. But, creating long content doesn't mean including unnecessary points, rather keep the content straight to the point.

Sufficient Post Quantity

Creating unique and detailed posts is important, but another question remains. How many posts or articles should your blog contain before applying? How many posts are required for AdSense approval?

Google has not specified the number of blog posts that your blog should have before applying for AdSense, but it definitely plays a role in the approval process. If your website has only 1-2 posts, then it will get rejected due to insufficient content, even if those 1-2 posts are long, unique, and well written.

You will find many articles or videos saying, you should have 30 articles or 40 articles, which is good to have before applying for Google AdSense monetization. But, in my opinion, if your blog or website has 15-20 long unique posts,  then you are good to go.

Avoid Copyrighted Content

Make sure to avoid publishing copyrighted content including Videos and images. 

Always remember Google is an American company and America has strict copyright rules. So, Google AdSense will not approve any blog or website if they notice copyright infringement.

You can use copyright-free images and videos for your articles. There are many websites like Pixabay which provides royalty-free images and videos for free, use those instead of copyrighted content.

Easy to Navigate

Make sure your website is easy to navigate. Now many of you might be thinking why does it matter, I get my traffic from search results. Believe me, it does matter.

For example, if your website gets a new visitor, they can find the content they want to read if your website has an easy-to-follow navigation system. Visitors can easily follow the recent posts on a certain topic, so it is necessary to have good navigation on your blog.

Just make sure that the main navigation of your website is easily accessible.

Add Important Pages for AdSense Approval

Most of the new bloggers miss this part before applying for AdSense. Your website should contain these important pages,

  • About Page: A simple page that will explain the blog's topic and tell about the blog's creators. This helps to make sure that your website or blog is legitimate.
  • Contact Page: It is very important to have a contact us page on the website, so that website visitors can easily contact you if needed. You can rather add a contact email or add a contact form on the contact us page or you can add both.
  • Privacy Policy Page: The privacy Policy page is also very important, and you should definitely have one for your website. Many people get confused about what to write inside the privacy policy. So, you can check this detailed guide provided by Google, about what to include in the Privacy Policy.

You can also create a Privacy Policy with an online privacy policy generator. Make sure that these pages can be easily visible and accessed on your website.

Check Publisher Policies

Make sure that your website and its content follow the Google Publisher Policies. This is a must for new bloggers because violating any policy can send your AdSense application for rejection.

Also, Google Policy tells you about the websites that are not eligible for AdSense, like Hacking related websites. Here is a list of contents or topics that are not allowed by Google AdSense:

  • Sexual Content
  • Content that shows the killing
  • Terrorism related content
  • Explosives, Guns
  • Recreational Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol Sales
  • Online Gambling
  • Prescription drugs, unapproved pharmaceuticals, or supplements

Make Sure you're 18+

According to Google Terms and conditions, the applicant must be at least 18 years old. But, if you started writing posts even before you are 18,  then there's no problem.

All you need to do is, to create an account with your parent or legal guardian's name, and you are good to go.

Mobile Friendliness of Website

It is good to have a mobile-friendly website. According to recent statistics, around 54.8 percent of the total global traffic is from mobile devices. That means more than half of your website visitors are mobile users.

Create Mobile Friendly website for AdSense

So, it's important that your website is completely functional and gives a good user experience on smartphones. Even though most of the new themes (of both WordPress and Blogger) are mobile-friendly, you can still check whether your website is mobile-friendly or not from Google Mobile-Friendly Checking Tool.

Make Sure website is available on Google Search

Nobody will tell you about this, but always make sure your blog is available on Google Search. If you just created a new blog, then submit your posts to Google Search Console, and let the crawlers index your posts.

Getting your website on Google SERP pages is not only important for AdSense, but it is also important for getting search traffic for your website. Like what's the point of showing ADS on your website, if nobody is visiting your website.

You can check how many posts of your website have been indexed by Google, by searching the below text on Google.

Before you apply for Google AdSense, make sure that 80 percent of your blog posts have been indexed by Google.

Remove Other ADS while applying

You can become a publisher at multiple AD networks for the same website, but while applying for Google AdSense remove all the ads from your website.

The reason behind it is the content generated by AD codes is not unique, and sometimes they can violate the publisher policy of AdSense, so it is better to remove them while you apply your website for Google AdSense.

AdSense Aprroval Process

If you follow all these tips and maintain your website properly, then the only thing that remains is to apply for AdSense for your new website or Blog.

First, go to the Signup page for Google AdSense and then enter your website URL, email, and continue. Fill in all the necessary details and also verify your website URL by adding the code given in theme HTML.

Make sure to give all the details correctly. After that, you just have to wait for one or two weeks for the final review and approval of your website. Once you are approved, you will receive a confirmation mail from AdSense saying, your site is now ready to show AdSense ads.

Still not Approved, what to do

If you correctly follow all the steps mentioned above 99 percent chance is your site will get approved, but if you are still not approved then what to do?

Don't worry, after all, if your website still got rejected, then all you have to do is wait. Wait for 1-2 weeks, write some new articles and reapply. It will surely get approved.

Meanwhile, you can also apply for other AD networks like, which is also a good alternative for AdSense. You can also start affiliate marketing on your respective niche.

FAQs about AdSense Approval

Now, that we have covered all about AdSense approval tips and guides, let's just answer some of the most common questions about AdSense approvals.

How to know if AdSense is approved?

You will receive a confirmation email from AdSense saying, "The site is now ready to show AdSense ads". You can also check whether your AdSense account is approved by signing into your AdSense dashboard.

How much traffic is required for AdSense approval?

The number of traffic is not a factor for AdSense approval, so you don't have to worry. Like most of the other ad networks, Google does not have any minimum traffic threshold, so you can apply once your blog have a decent amount of content.
Even though a high number of visitors is not needed for approval, you should always try to bring more traffic to your blog, cause only placing ADS is not enough. People have to see those ADS, and for that, they have to visit your website.
So, I believe it is good to have at least 500 visitors per day on your website before you start the Google AdSense approval process.

How long does it take for AdSense to approve?

The time for AdSense approval varies, it can take between 2 days to 2 weeks before getting approved.

How to get AdSense approval for WordPress blog?

Just follow all the tips in the article above and then apply. WordPress AdSense approval is the same as Blogger AdSense approval.

How to get approved for AdSense on the Blogger website?

Just follow all the tips in the article above. It doesn't matter whether your website is hosted on Blogger or WordPress. And you can also get AdSense with the Blogspot subdomain, but it may more time than normal websites with the domain.
I recommend connecting a custom domain with your Blogspot blog, and then apply for AdSense.

Can I get AdSense approval with free domains like .tk, .ga, and .ml?

Yes, you can. Content is the only thing that matters.


Getting AdSense approval may seem like a lot of work, but if obey the AdSense approval policy and follow these AdSense approval tips, then it is not a big deal. These are the only requirement for AdSense approval.

These are the only AdSense approval tricks you will ever need,

  • Create Unique Content
  • Publish Long articles
  • Write 15-20 Good articles
  • Make simple but good Navigation on your website
  • Check Google Publisher Policies and make sure all are followed
  • Make sure you are 18+
  • Create Mobile-friendly website
  • Make sure the website is available on Google Search
  • Remove other ADS before applying

This is all you need. Hope you like this post, if you have any other question then comment it below.

I like to read and learn new things on different topics, and then share them in my Blog.


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