How many post required for AdSense approval?

Exactly how many post is needed for AdSense approval. Let's find out the truth behind it.

 Are you about to apply for AdSense approval, and wandering how many blog post are required before apply? Then, you are in the right place.

The answer is it depends blog to blog. Confused? Don't worry. Today I will discuss about the no of required blog posts as an AdSense approval criteria in detail.

How many post required for AdSense approval

No of post required for AdSense approval

Creating unique and detailed posts is important, but another question remains. How many posts or articles should your blog contain before applying? How many posts are required for AdSense approval?

Google has not specified the number of blog posts that your blog should have before applying for AdSense, but it definitely plays a role in the approval process. If your website has only 1-2 posts, then it will get rejected due to insufficient content, even if those 1-2 posts are long, unique, and well written.

You will find many articles or videos saying, you should have 30 articles or 40 articles, which is good to have before applying for Google AdSense monetization. But, in my opinion, if your blog or website has 15-20 long unique posts,  then you are good to go.

Extra tips for AdSense Approval

You should also keep these tips in mind while writing your blog posts for better chances of approval:

  • The first and the most important point in any AdSense approval guide will always be about creating unique and high-quality content.  
  • Original quality content will help you to get fast approval.
  • Write the topic in detail, and use easy to understand language.
  • Add your website in Google search console, so that it can appear in Google Searches.
  • Make sure to avoid publishing copyrighted content including Videos and images.
  • Make simple but good Navigation on your website.
  • Create Mobile-friendly website.

If you follow these tips, and write 15-20 quality articles before applying, then your chances of getting AdSense approval will be much higher.

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